Akane "Snaketongue"

Quick witted leader of the Spectres hammer squad.


A middle aged man of average height. Wears medium length hair tightly tied back, flecks of grey throughout. Piercing eyes. Impeccably well dressed. Commands an air of reverence.


Akane is the current leader of the Spectres hammer squad. He was one of the founding members of the squad. Before the formation of the squad, Akane was a Scorpion courtier. His primary function is to serve as a negotiator to any entities that are reasonable enough to listen. Fills in many of the other missing skills within his squad, such as numerous schools of lore and medicine, that makes him an invaluable resource. His peers within the city find him off-putting and somewhat intimidating. He commands a healthy respect from all who know him within the field.

Akane "Snaketongue"

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