Endou Tsuruchi



遠藤 Endou (distant wisteria) 歩 Ayumu (walk, deeper meaning: walk your own way) Tsuruchi.

A 5’8", 160 lbs., she wears clothing appropriate for hiking, and armor for mountain and forest battles. The goggles help block out things that may obscure her vision, doubling as a headband at other times.

If you have a battle in the harsh weather and need an archer, she’s your girl.

Her hair is wild, but not to the point of bedheadness.


An expert archer, that offers training to other archers. She is important to her family and students, and it is the same on the reverse. She trained members of other clans, including Masahira Asako.

Relation to Masahira Asako:
She taught Masahira to be a good archer, and is on friendly terms with him (Nothing more).

Endou Tsuruchi

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