Gonbei Kuni

Senses danger of the magical sort. Often misses what is plainly obvious to everyone else


A very nerdy girl (wears period-ish-accurate glasses, for instance), with a natural talent for the magical arts.

This makes her almost good enough to overcome her lack of social graces.

She has repeatedly forgotten, misused or otherwise messed up on social etiquette. The final instance, has her coming into a room where a meeting is going on, cheerfully chasing a spirit, causing the meeting to come to a halt. (rumor has it, she was missing her clothing at the time. No one knows if this is true)

After hearing of Nayoko Hida’s being sent to the hammers on assignment, she is similarly sent to them to remove her as a troublesome person.

Unlike Nayoko, this isn’t hidden from her. She doesn’t mind, and in fact views it as a chance to see what other spirits are out there to meet, free of family and clan obligations.

Other Details:
She is decent around kids, able to play with them (unless it is physical), or show them the wonders of magic. She gets extremely nervous around men, particularly handsome and attractive, ones. In their presence, her voice heightens, she snorts, and other things.

Gonbei Kuni

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