Peasant on a mission


She is very naïve, idealistic and passionate. She doesn’t understand much about the world beyond that of a peasant.


Heso is a woman on a mission. Unfortunately she is also a woman without means, nor recourse. Heso is a proud member of the Crab Clan, but she is still only a peasant. Despite her short comings she has spent the past several years tracking down a despicable Dragon Samurai who dishonored her, her village and her entire clan in an unnecessary duel. He then had the audacity to wink at Heso herself, after cutting down the man, as if doing her a personal favor.

Heso decided then and there that she would raise herself to the equal of that man and redeem her clan’s honor by putting him in his place. She learned about the construction of Autumn Star and realized that such an intricate and eccentric city would be the perfect place for someone like her to increase her station. Little did she know that the target of her ire would soon arrive on her door step.


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