Juro Isawa


A descendant from the Lion Clan, his family married into the Phoenixes all before he was born (possibly going back a few generations). He has flowing yellow hair, beard and moustache, died to represent his proud Lion heritage.


A Bushi student who dual wields swords, he is prideful over what he has accomplished, but doesn’t like it when those who get ahead, do so through connections rather than hard work.

He is an aggressive or assertive person, among more pacific people. Combined with him trying to be a walking relic of the Lion Clan, he has been semi-outcasted (not forced out, but people avoid him just the same) forcing him to pick up become more Hammish in personality, trying to draw attention to him.

Relation to Masahira Asako:
For reasons unknown to Masahira, Juro has targeted him for bullying. He has stolen his tea cups, his arrows, etc. Mashira has tried to take it in stride, but his cowardness keeps him back. Seeing a chance to prove his toughness, he overacts and calls him bad names in relation to Masahira’s special status in the Dojo, in front of everyone.

Juro Isawa

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