Kasumi "The Faceless"

The shadowy forward scout of the Spectres squad


A woman of unassuming stature and looks. Descriptions of her are rarely the same. Sometimes old, sometimes young. Sometimes hideous, sometimes pretty.


Kasumi is the current forward scout and information gatherer for the Spectres hammer squad. Prior to being recruited, she was a commoner and petty thief. Akane felt her talents were being wasted and recruited her.

She is the first commoner to be recruited into the squad, although she is the third person to fill the role of “The Faceless”. She is not one of words, choosing only to speak to her fellow squad mates, and even then barely more than a whisper. Her appearance seems to change constantly, and she is nearly impossible to identify. Only her squad mates ever seem to know who she is or what she looks like at any given time.

Kasumi "The Faceless"

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