Koriyo Kakida

Commissioner of the City Guard, he's older but still strong and capable, and highly respected.


He is very gruff and respectable. He doesn’t show his emotions, gratitude, nor praise well or easily. He is quick to be critical, but he takes a lot of personal pride in the successes of his friends.


The Hakumi family is a minor family in the Crane clan, closely linked to the Kakitas. For generations they have stood as the guard to the guard, as it were. While the Kakita fight to protect the honor of the Crane, the Hakumi fight to protect those cherished by the Kakita.

Koriyo was guard captain at the Kakita Bushi school for a couple decades before Masaru of the Dragon first started. He saw great promise in the child, but a complete lack of discipline. He saw the struggle the child went through, at first, being an outside. Koriyo was a Crane and a Samurai, but being of a lesser family even he had born the brunt of harsh words and attitudes in his youth by the noble Kakitas. He took it on himself to support Masaru, in his own way, never showing his pride in the young upstarts successes.

It wasn’t until several of the older students ganged up on Masaru following an upsetting win for the child that Koriyo stepped in. The resulting altercation left mostly bruises and hurt pride, but also broke the arm of prominent Doji. The Dojo master understood Koriyo’s reasons and having been his friend since nearly childhood did all in his power to protect the Guard. Ultimately his best option was to send him away to the new settlement being devised, called Autumn Star. Eventually the Crane would be opening a dojo their and under the pretense of securing Crane interests in the Guard of the city Koriyo was transferred. He even managed to pull a promotion of sorts, being raised from Captain of the Guard of a school to Captain of the Guard of a city.

The position came with a great deal more paperwork and responsibilities, all of which Koriyo was more than prepared to handle. It also came with the benefit of including personnel manifests of all peoples moving in under military and civic employ. Otherwise he may never have known about the Dualist Upstart’s glorious introduction to the city he now called home.

Koriyo Kakida

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