中島 Nakashima (center of the island)

Always dressed in proper attire, he stands at a slinky 5’ 10" weighing in at 160 lbs (his internal fire helps keep the calories off, despite having eating more than his share).


An old Tea (Set) Maker, using his own internal fire to help with the ceramic making and heating water. He’s a fiercely loyal person who, while wouldn’t hurt anyone, will do what he feels is needed to help protect his family.

He is a former samurai of the Isawa family. Exiled to Ronin-ness and forced to pick up a trade to make a living to supply for the family.

Relation to Masahira Asako:
Nothing personal, as Masahira was not involved in his fall from grace. That being said, they are enemies based on principle rather than emotion or anything else. They do share an interest in tea ceremonies, so, when the time is available, they sit down in private and away from prying eyes.

Mashira has bought from him, but prefers to keep that on down-low.


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