Crane Clan



Current Head Family

Doji Family

Current Head of Clan

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Main Families

Doji Family


Family Schools
  • Doji Courtier School – This school teaches Courtiers how to create vast networks of allies by trading favors
  • Doji Magistrate School -This school teaches Bushi how to patrolling and investigate crimes while navigating high society
  • Doji Innocent Path – Teaches Courtiers who refuse to lie or deceive in courta a technique that gains allies by telling the truth as opposed to giving gifts
  • Doji Warrior Poet Path – Teaches Duelists to wield their words through poems with the same skill as their swords
Vassal Families
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1

Asahina Family


Family Schools
  • Asahina Shugenja School – This school teaches shugenja wish to preserve life techniques focusing on defense and protection
  • Asahina Archer Path – Teaches precision shots to Iron Warriors or Magistrates
  • Asahina Artisan Path – Teaches a Shugenja technique of infusing magic into artwork
  • Asahina Fetishist Path – Teaches a Shugenja technique to infuse good luck into an object
  • Asahina Fire Sculptor Path – Teaches a Shugenja technique to create a temporary sculpture out of fire, and as a result of their training are able o use fire spells with more finesse
Vassal Families
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1

Kakita Family


Family Schools
  • Kakita Bushi School – This school teaches the honored tradition of Iajutsu Dueling
  • Kakita Artisan School – This school teaches a crane to become a master of a type of art and techniques to control and sway others while using their art, as well as bringing down rivals.
  • Kakita Master Artisan Advanced School – Teaches advanced techniques to a Kakita artisan
  • Kakita Jester Path – Teaches Kakita artisans a technique that tears down a target’s honor and glory
Vassal Families
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1

Daidoji Family


Family Schools
  • Daidoji Iron Warrior School – A bushi school that teaches techniques to persevere and protect others.
  • Daidoji Scout School – This school teaches Bushi techniques that rely on traps and swift precise ambushes
  • Daidoji Harrier Advanced School – A secret ninja school that use traps and disables opponents
  • Daidoji Heavy Regular Path – Teaches Iron Warriors a technique that enhances fighting ability when wielding heavy weapons by fighting alongside the crab
  • Daidoji Trading Council Path – Teaches Courtiers, Magistrates, Iron Warriors, and Scouts a technique that allows the user to wage commercial warfare on rivals
  • Daidoji Spymaster Path – Teaches Iron Warriors, Scouts, and Courtiers a technique that minimizes honor loss for using low skills when used in the name of the crane clan
  • Daidoji Elite Spearman Path – Teaches Iron Warriors and Scouts a technique that allows the user greater defense when using a spear
Vassal Families
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1

Clan Wide

Clan Wide Schools
  • Crane Kenshinzen Advanced School – THis Bushi school teaches advanced techniques for iajutsu dueling
  • Crane Empress Guard Path – Teaches Bushi and Iron Warriors a technique that allows their honor to enhance the user’s Perception and Attack
  • Sister of the Sacred Light Path – Teaches Shugenja a technique for banishing Air Spirits and their illusions.




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