This follows the Legendary Ages.

IY – Imperial Years

(Please remember that the original boundaries of the clans did not include the Unicorn or Mantis clans.)

1st Century

I.Y. 0 – The kami depart and leave the land for the mortals to rule. A decendant of each Kami is chosen to lead the 7 Clans. The First Emperor Ishin II is chosen from his family to rule over all of Ryukugon.
I.Y. 2 to 9 – Lion vs Phoenix War (The First Mortal War) : Fought over a perceived slight where a Lion did not show enough respect to a Phoenix in military matters. The Phoenix responded with a march on the Lion capital, which turned into a decade long war.
I.Y. 7 – Asahina family (Crane Clan) founded : Asahina Isawa defected from the Phoenix Clan. He became a pacifist after a Crane Champion single handedly defended a villiage from his elemental attacks. He later married this woman and she took his name.
I.Y. 20 – Ki-rin leave with the reincarnated kami: Shinjo. Thier mission is to travel the far off areas of the world to discover and prevent all external threats to Ryukugon.
I.Y. 21 to 23 – Crab vs Crane War I : Fought over land near the heart of the empire to control trade routes.
I.Y. 30 to 31 – Phoenix and Lion vs Scorpion War (The Second Mortal War)
I.Y. 36 to 38- Crab vs Crane War II
I.Y. 38 – Original Fox Clan established. The first minor Clan created from remnants of the Ki-Rin
I.Y. 42 – Monkey Clan established.
I.Y. 59 to 62 – Crab vs Lion War (The Third Mortal War)
I.Y. 67 – Bear Clan established – said to be the union of a Crab and the kori goddess

2nd Century

I.Y. 105 to 109 – Shadowland Invasion I : An Oni Lord gathered forces for over a century and marched on Crab Clan territories. All other clans sent thier armies to assist once the threat was known. However the Crane Clan only sent a token force.
I.Y. 189 to 195 – Lion vs Phoenix War (The Peacebreaker War)

3rd Century

I.Y. 213 – Crane Civil War
I.Y. 214 – Pufferfish Clan established – Breakaway from the Crane Clan. Left the Clan after the Crane Civil War.

4th Century

I.Y. 347 to 350 – Shadowland Invasion II
I.Y. 356 to 362 – Ronin Revolt : After many of their lords were killed in the Second Shadowland Invasion, vast numbers of ronin were refused acceptance into the service of the remaining lords. Dissatisfied with their lot in life they banded together to carve out territories of their own.
I.Y. 359 – Original Centipede Clan founded by Emperor. A branch of distant Isawa (Phoenix Clan), mainly for tax purposes.
I.Y. 395 – Original Wasp Clan founded. Brached from a Lion/Scorpion son who defected from both and took over a castle on his own

5th Century

I.Y. 446 – Scorpion Coup : THe Scorpion Clan assassinates the Emperor and attempts to seize power for themselves. It is only thanks to the Fox clan that the plot is discovered before the bulk of the Scorpion armies can arrive to secure the imperial castle. All other clans band together to dislodge the Scorpion.
I.Y. 446 – Fall of first imperial line – Ishin XXVI is killed by the Scopion Clan. The Tutori (cousin’s to the Ishin) line begins
I.Y. 446 – Horse Clan Established – Formed from Fox Clan breakaways. Granted status for thier efforts in alerting the other Clans of the Scorpion’s Coup.
I.Y. 450 to 451 – uRha Incursion
I.Y. 451 – Banning of Gaijin
I.Y. 469 to 472 – Koolek vs Ryukugon War
I.Y. 473 – Mantis Clan founded
I.Y. 478 to 480 – Crab vs Crane War III
I.Y. 479 – Yasuki family (Crane Family) defects and joins the Crab Clan.
I.Y. 488 – Original Falcon Clan founded. Founder saved Emperor Tutori V’s life from an ninja assassin and deduced he was possessed by a ghost

6th Century

I.Y. 519 – Return of Scorpion Clan
I.Y. 520 – Griffon Clan Established – Mix of Lion and Crane.
I.Y. 531 – Kitsuki family is founded (Dragon Clan), branching from the Agasha family after the founder saved a Dragon Clan daimyo’s life and was awarded family line

7th Century

I.Y. 610 to 614 – Spirit War : Mad Emperor Turori VII, fearing another invasion by the shadowlands, has a cabal of secret shugenja to contact the other spirit realms. They eventually manage to raise all the dead samurai who were awaiting thier reincarnation in the realm of ?? . THey take thier most famous forms and are brough back to full life. The strain of all these suddenly resurrected samurai on the land’s resources as well as old rivalries quickly brings the whole situation to a head. This leads to years of fighting as the emperor brings a large portion of the resurrected samurai under his control. The other clans eventually band together to overthrow him. Once the war is over, those resurrected agree to commit mass seppuku to return the world to its natural order.
I.Y. 614 – fall of 2nd imperial family – Tutori VII is dethroned after losing the spirit war.
I.Y. 614 to 618 – Accession War : With no Emperor currently in the throne and teh recent fighting ravaging the land, each clan has their own ideas of who should sit upon the Throne of the Sun and Moon. 3Several heirs are brought foward. The Scorpion, Dragon, and Phoenix backing one. The Lion and Crane backing another. The Mantis and Crab backing a third.
I.Y. 618 – Empress Miteru I is crowned emperor
I.Y. 620 – Wolf Clan established – Break away from from the Lion Clan. This Clan was founded during the Accession War after being unable to reconsile with thier parent Clan.
I.Y. 622 – Agasha Family breaks away from the Dragon Clan to join the Phoenix
I.Y. 689 to 696 – Scorpion vs Mantis (Opium War)
I.Y. 696 – Crocodile Clan Established – Breakaway from the Dragon Clan. thier founder helped put a stop to the Opium War.

8th Century

I.Y. 726 – Return of Unicorn Clan

9th Century

I.Y. 816 to 819 – Shadowland Invasion III
I.Y. 819 – Moth Clan Established – Breakaway from the Phoenix Clan. Held out against the shadowland forces for 1001 days before the help arrived.
I.Y. 820 – Toritaka Family (Falcon Clan) – is absorbed into the Crab Clan.
I.Y. 842 to 844 – Dragon vs Dragon, Lion, Crab, and Scorpion Dark Dragon vs Colaition War Tamori Agasha is driven to madness becoming the first known Dark Oracle who had been operating in secret since the Scorpion Coup. Still reeling from the invasion the Crab request aid.
I.Y. 844 – Tamori (Dragon) Family is founded by the Emperor Miteru XIII. Done as an insult to the Dragon Clan.
I.Y. 863 to 865 – Unicorn vs Lion War (Fool’s War)_
I.Y. 866 – _Yeti Clan established – Unicorn and Lion Mixed Clan.
I.Y. 890 – Phoenix and Dragon vs Crab and Mantis (Chiton War)
I.Y. 891 – Kraken Clan established – Mix of Mantis and Crab.

10th century

I.Y. 934 to 939 – The Shadow Wars :
I.Y. 942 – Shark Clan founded – Breakoff from the Mantis Clan. Founder challenged the Daimyo for control of a marsh and won.
I.Y. 952 to 953 – Scorpion and Unicorn vs Crane War (War of the Forgotten Clans)
I.Y. 968 – Scorpion vs Unicorn War (Traitor’s War)
I.Y. 968 – Centipede Clan established – Newly established breaking away from the Crab Clan. Granted status for saving Empress Miteru XIX from a fatal disease by collecting components from the shadowlands.
I.Y. 972 – Autumn Star is mysteriously burned down to the ground
I.Y. 982 – Autumn Star is rebuilt
I.Y. 987 – Campaign Start

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