LA – Legendary Ages

This follows the Creation Eras.

L.A. 1

  • Lady Sun’s strength fails her and Lord Moon passes away.
  • This causes great calamity upon the various realms and the 5 races are vastly diminished, thier empires crumbling.
  • Lady Moon’s tears give rise to Crystal and Jade, while Lood Moon’s blood becomes obsidian. When they mix, humans are born.
  • Some of the tears and blood are saved and used in experiments giving rise to all manner of other races.
  • The twin Dragons Obsidian and Jade are created with the last of Lady Sun’s strength, as a way to preserve herself and husband.

L.A. 2

  • With the world cast into Darkness the Immortal Kami awaken to find only 8 of them remaining.
  • They see that thier mother and father have passed away.
  • They converse with thier cousins the dragons to determine the next coarse of action for the world.
  • It is decided that a tournament shall be held among all the races to crown a new Lady Sun and Lord Moon.The site of the tournament is named as Ryukugon.
  • The winners are a pair of humans. The Kami and Dragon’s use thier power to recreate the Sun and Moon, albiet somewhat imperfectly.

L.A. 3

  • With the Moon and the Sun back in the heavens, they are set to rule the Realms.
  • Many human tribes do not wish to accept the rule of these 2
  • The other races disperse from the site of the tournament vowing never to accept humans as thier superiors.
  • During this age the Oni Lords and other spirits are born from the imbalance in the Celestial order.
  • With the heavens set straight, the Kami take a keen interest in the affairs of Ryukugon. Each taking a portion of its inhabitents under their care. Ishin is named lord of all the land under diretion from the newly made Sun and Moon.

L.A. 4

  • The Heavens are lifted away from the Mortal Realm and the Dragon’s each choose a Ryukugoni to represent them afterwards. These Ryukugoni are known as Oracles.

L.A. 5

  • Lady Shinjo departs with a small following to find the bodies of her fallen siblings.
  • She eventually finds Fu Leng in the north. He survived thanks to an unknown entity and resents his siblings for leaving him for dead all this time. He strikes back at Shijo, killing her and all but 1 of her followers.
  • He brings his war to Ryukugon itself injuring all of his brethren.
  • Shinsei leads the 7 Thunders (Mortal Champions from each Clan) against Fu Leng and defeats him. The Shadow Armies disperse and flee back into the shadowlands.

This leads into Historical Records


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