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Main Directory

Destiny Points and Pools

PC Info

XP Status and Expenditure

Experience and Prestige Bounties – This is a list of all the bounties that have been posted. Also used ot keep track of who is working on or earned a specific bounty.

Player Characters – Character Sheets Links


Great Clans – Includes families, schools,

Large and Small Minor Clans – Includes family and schools

Imperial Family

The Brotherhood – The Monastic orders. Includes information on all the branches and schools.

Ronin – Clan-less Samurai

World Info

Autumn Star – The main setting of the campaign

Geography – Includes notable locations, and links to maps (hopefully)


Gaijin – Information about other countries

Races – “Civilized”, sapient species

Bestiary – “Uncivilized” races and species


Rules – Includes house rules and which mechanics and options from the books are in effect

Items – Includes the custom items and any associated rules


Imperial Years – I.Y.

History – Since the founding of the Empire. Records exist for these years

LegendaryAges – L.A.

Legends – Up to 1,500 years before the founding. Exemplified by over the top stories about verifiable real people. These stories have only been passed down orally until the Empire was founded.

Creation Eras C.E.

Mythology – Anything over 1,500 years before the Empire was founded. Anything from this era has no way of being verified, though there is probably a sliver of truth to these stories.

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