Mantis Clan



Current Head Family

Yoritomo Family

Current Head of Clan

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Main Families

Yoritomo Family


Family Schools
  • Yoritomo Bushi School – This school teaches a variety of Bushi techniques that lack a single focus, but allow tehm to be highly adaptable
  • Yoritomo Shugenja School – This school teaches its Shugenja a technique that that enhances Thunder spells and allows teh user to change the weather
  • Yoritomo Courtier School – This school teaches Courtier techniques that focus on bullying and intimidation
  • Yoritomo Emissary Path – Teaches Courtiers a technique that focuses thier agression into patience making them effective even against other skiled Courtiers who might otherwise ignore the standard tactics of bullying
  • Yoritomo Scoundrel Path – Teaches Bushi a technique that enhances skills outside of combat
  • Yoritomo Sculptor Path – Teaches Bushi or Courtiers a technique that allows them to sculpt beautiful works of art under any cirsumstances or conditions
Vassal Families
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1

Tsurichi Family


Family Schools
  • Tsurichi Archer School – This School teaches Bushi techniques that focus exclusively on Archery
  • Tsurichi Bounty Hunter School – This school teaches Bushi techniques that focus on hunting down fugitives of the law and bringing them back alive
  • Tsurichi Master Bowman Path – Teaches an advanced technique that allows an archer to shoot acurractly over incredible distances
  • Tsurichi Swordsman Path – Teaches a technique to Archers and Bounty hunters that allows them to attack more quickly with a sword
Vassal Families
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1

Moshi Family


Family Schools
  • Moshi Shugenja School – This Shugenja school teaches a technique that enhances THunder spells and gives the user affinity with fire spells during the day
  • Moshi Guardian of the Sun Path – This school teaches a beginner technique to Bushi that allows the user to more effectively guard Moshi holdings and personages
Vassal Families
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1

Kitsune Family


Family Schools
  • Kitsune Shugenja School – A Shugenja school that teaches a technique that allows users to commune with (more direct tha kami) animal spirits, and allow them to cast non-damaging spells on animals with ease
  • Kitsune Artisan Path – Teaches a technique to family Shugenja that allows the user to use thier magic to aid them in creation of art
  • Kitsune Ranger Path – Teaches a technique to Clan Bushi that allows the user to Hunt in rural settings and hide themselves/find others in any setting.
Vassal Families
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1
Vassal Family 1

Clan Wide

Clan Wide Schools
  • Mantis Brawler School – A Bushi “school” that teaches techniques to fight by turning disadvantages into advantages and to fight unarmed, with improvised weapons, or with small weapons.
  • Mantis Storm Riders Advanced School – This advanced Shugenja school teaches techniques that focus on water spells and provides immunity from thunder spells. IT also has a unique lightning bolt attack.
  • Mantis Kobune Captain Advanced School – This school teached techniques focussed on comemrce nad command of a ship
  • Mantis Acolyte of Thunder Path – Teaches a Shugenja technique that allows the user to enhance the Fury of Osano-Wo spell to be more damaging
  • Mantis Children of Chikushudo Path – Teaches a Shugenja technique that allows the user to summon an animal made of earth and take direct control of it
  • Mantis Navigator Path – Teaches Clan Shugenja a technique that allows the user to negate any weather effects in the area
  • Mantis Soldier of the Three Man Alliance – Teaches Archers, Bounty Hunters, and Bushi a technique that allows tehm to more easily attack those who posses higher Glory
  • Mantis Whirlwind Fighter Path – Teaches Bushi a technique that alows them to use the dual kama fighting style for simultatious boosts to offense and defense
  • Mantis College of Clarity Path – Teaches ALL a technique that allows the user to gain or enhance the Clear Thinker or PRecise Memory Advantages
  • Mantis Cliff’s Edge Student Path – Teaches Bushi and Bounty Hunters a technique that focusses on the Kusarigama chain weapon
  • Sisters of the Sacret Light Path – Teaches Shugenja a technique for banishing Air Spirits and their illusions.




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