Minor Clans

Large Minor Clans

These clans have either 2 Families or 2 schools. Unlike the Great Clans which can have tens of thousands of Samurai, Big Minor Clans only have samurai that number in the hundreds or low thousands.

Nightingale Clan

Hawk Clan

Centipede Clan

Hare Clan

Horse Clan

Griffon Clan

Kraken Clan

Shark Clan

Crow Clan

Crocodile Clan

Monkey Clan

Snake Clan

Bear Clan

Moth Clan

Panther Clan

Racoon Clan

Yeti Clan

Wolf Clan

Hart Clan

Pufferfish Clan

Small Minor Clans

These Minor Clans have only a single Family and School. They control very small areas, normally leased from another Minor or a Great Clan. Their Samurai number in the dozens or low hundreds.


Large Minor Clan Template

Minor Clans

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