CE – Creation Eras

C.E. 0

  • Nothing exists

C.E. 1

  • The realms and elements are born from nothing’s sins of Fear, Desire, and Remorse. Only a small piece of it survived and retreated from the world it has created.

C.E. 2

  • The elements begin to combine and interact with each other giving constantly shifting forms within the realms

C.E. 3

  • The first gods are born in this turbulant era.
  • They are too weak on thier own to handle the world, so instead combine thier strengths to create several children. This act kills them and thier spirits are given to the realms.

C.E. 4

  • The newly created Fortunes of the Sun and the Moon begin to name things throughout the realms, giving the forms permanency.
  • In naming the elements countless kami are created.
  • In naming concepts and ideals they created the Elemental Dragons of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Void, and the Thousand Fortunes.
  • In naming physical things they created the animals, the plants, and all the objects found in the realms.

C.E. 5

  • The sun and the moon create thier 10 children; the immortal Kami: Akodo, Bayushi, Doji, Fu Leng, Ishin, Hida, Ryushan, Shiba, Shinjo, Togashi.
  • Growing jealous of his wife’s love for creation and her children Lord Moon begins devouring his children, save for Ishin who is hidden away.

C.E. 6

  • Ishin comes out of hiding, challanges his father to combat, and defeats him. Lady Sun casts her children out of the heavens down to the Mortal Realm.

C.E. 7

  • The immortal Kami slumber.
  • Lady Sun enters a trance to give her powers to keep Lord Moon alive. The sun is no longer a fixed point in the sky and the moon is fluctuates between life and death.

C.E. 8

  • The First Race, the jinn are born from the Dreams of Lord Moon and Lady Sun.

C.E. 9

  • Tee Younger Races are created by the jinn. The most powerful of these races is known as the Ashalan.
  • The piece of nothing that survived whispers into the jinn ears, leading to the Jinn War.
  • The Celestial Dragon is born from the Jinn War as a way to protect the Heavens from the invading jinn. He uses the Ashalan against them and the jinn are trapped in artifacts created by the Ashalan under direction of the Elemental Dragons.
  • All the Younger but the Ashalan die out during this time.

C.E. 10

  • Having seen the techniques the jinn use to create the Younger Races, the Dragons create thier own races: Zokujin(Earth), Kenku(Air), Troll(Fire), Ningyo(Water), Kitsu(Void), and Naga (Celestial).
  • The Naga were appointed benevolant rulers of the realm as the Ashalan’s small numbers force them to retreat into hidden parts of the world.

C.E. 11

  • The naga enter a great sleep leaving the world to their subordinate races.
  • These 5 races battle and fight for control, never fully gaining it. Their combined power and ambition creates a new Dragon, the Thunder Dragon.

This leads into the Legendary Eras.


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