Hitomi Togashi

Slender and dower, she maintains a refined demeanor.


Earth Ring: 2
Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2

Water Ring: 3
Strength: 3
Perception: 3

Air Ring: 3
Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 3

Fire Ring: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2

Void Ring: 2

Initiative: (2+3)k3

Skill List
[AGI] Kenjutsu: Rank 5 – +1k0 Damage with Sword, Ready Sword as Free Action
[AWR] Courtier: Rank 3
[AWR] Etiquette (Courtesy): Rank 3
[PER] Investigation (Interrogation, Notice): Rank 3
[VOID] Meditation: Rank 3
[INT] Lore (Law): Rank 1
[AWR] Sincerity: Rank 1

[INT] Calligraphy: Rank 2
[INT] Lore (Heraldry): Rank 2
[AWR] Artisan (Tattooing): Rank 1
[INT] Lore (Theology): Rank 1

Armor TN 20

Type: Sword (Wakizashi)
Attack: (5+2)k2
Damage: (3+2+1)k2

Per Level: 4
Healthy: 10
Death: 39
Recovery Rate: 6

Darling of the Court [Social]

Ascetic [Mental]
Black Sheep [Social]
Cast Out [Social]

Traditional Clothing
Calligraphy Set
Traveling Pack
Cooking Pot
Flint and Tinder
Small Knife
Tatami Mat
Parchment and Charcoal
Tattoo Needles
Makeup Kit


Hitomi was born to Togashi Monks. At a very young age she knew that she was different from all the other children. While her parents pushed her to play with the boys, as to them she appeared to be one, all she wanted was to sit with the girls and play more refined games they were doing. She knew in her heart that she was not a boy and would never appreciate their lives.

This revelation did not sit well with her parents, who had intended for her to improve their standing amongst the clan. Due to her situation she was not well received for the purposes of marriage being unable to bare a child to a husband, and unlikely to sire a child to a wife, she could only provide very minor political placing. Ultimately she was betrothed to a Crow woman, Miki, bringing her into the Dragon, on the condition that Hitomi would be sent away, making it clear she was no longer welcome at home.

Hitomi was formally trained in the art of Kitsuki Investigation and feels a deep need to provide true justice, even at the cost of honor, glory or especially family. Among the Crows she had plenty of opportunities to hone her social skills, needing to be constantly on guard from their prying and quick wits. She has also proved to be extremely adept with the sword, though not in actual duels.

She and her wife moved to Autumn Star early on during the inception of the city, allowing her to gain accommodations within the Dragon estates. She has even found a Togashi tattoo artist who has renewed her interest in the art. One of the few activities she has ever shared with her wife that even ranges on intimacy has come from applying occasional tattoos to her flesh. Short of such sparing moments their interactions are brief and typically curt, but Miki is devoted and a strong home body, keeping more than adequate care of their properties.

Hitomi joined the city guard in an effort to inspire new thought and practices toward the rule of law and institution of justice. She is highly discontent with the Ryokugony method of accepting word based on status and murder between unaffiliated parties. She feels that whatever inspiration caused the Empress to incept this city might also allow wider changes that could affect the whole of the country.

Hitomi Togashi

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