Destiny Points and Pools

Destiny Pools

A Destiny Pool is a collection of Destiny Points that a Player has access to.

Destiny Points Use During a Session

Destiny Points can be used during a session to:

  • Reroll any roll
    • This type of use requires a player to describe how fate is changing during the action they are resolving with this roll
  • Power a Destiny Abilities

At the start of each session a Player can choose to take between 1 and 5 Destiny Points from their Destiny Pool. These will be the only Destiny Points available for thier character during that session. At the end of a session the Player may only put 1 ununsed Point back into thier Pool; all other Points are lost.

Once during each session a player may grant a Destiny Point to another player if that player’s Character has done something sufficiently cool.

At the end of a session the Player should record thier current Destiny Pool on thier Player Character’s wiki page

Destiny Point Use Outside of a Session

Destiny Points can be used outside of a session to:

  • Reduce the amount of time required for completion of their current training

Each point spent this way will reduce the amount of time required by [current rank of skill/trait] days. For example when training to skill rank 5, your current rank is 4. If you spend 3 Destiny Points this will reduce the time required by 12 days (current rank of 4 times 3 points). In addition each time these points are spent the Player is required to write up an Adventure Log post explaining how their training time has been expedited.

This post and the use of Destiny Points should be recorded by the Player on their Player Character’s wiki page

Earning Destiny Points

There are several ways of earning Destiny Points. Please refer to these wiki pages for more information:

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Destiny Points and Pools

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